“American Horror Story” viewers beware --Tension is high at Miss Robichaux’s Academy.

By the end of episode 7, “The Dead,” Cordelia declared war on Fiona; Zoe murdered Spalding; Queenie turned to Marie Laveau; and Fiona found herself in the arms of the Axeman … and the drama won’t slow down in episode 8.

So, what can fans expect from ‘The Sacred Taking’? We’re breaking down the episode:

Queenie’s Loyalties

Thanks to Madame LaLaurie, Queenie began to doubt whether she belongs at the Coven. Taking a trip to see Marie Laveau, the human voodoo doll took the first step in leaving Miss Robichaux’s for Laveau’s house of voodoo. But whose side will she take in the deadly battle of Salem vs. Voodoo witches? According to the synopsis for episode 8, Queenie will decide her loyalties … and deliver a warning.

Who Is The Next Supreme?

Madison met an unfortunate fate when Fiona believed her to be the next Supreme, but as “American Horror Story” viewers know, Madison was not the chosen one. In “The Sacred Taking,” Fiona will continue to struggle with her health while figuring out which girl will be the next Supreme. But the young witches now know that they have an enemy in Fiona …

The Fight Against Fiona

Cordelia told Zoe that they must kill Fiona or risk being killed themselves. And while Zoe seemed to be on board with the plan, it’ll be up to Cordelia to rally the rest of the girls “in the fight to stop Fiona.” However it appears as if the girls have more help on their side … Misty Day and an “unexpected ally.”

The Troops Gather

Misty Day will arrive at the Academy after being “hunted by a dangerous but unknown new enemy” – more than likely Cordelia’s dear witch-hunter husband, Hank. And while Misty may be in trouble, she’ll show up at Miss Robichaux’s with an “unexpected Ally.” Who, you may wonder? Our odds are on the formerly burnt and crispy Myrtle Snow.

The Ascension

One witch appears to have shown herself the next Supreme, and Cordelia will lead the rest of the girls in a “rarely performed ritual” called “The Sacred Taking” in order to allow for the next Supreme’s ascension. But nothing is as easy as it sounds, because the ritual will only work if it “involves the selfless suicide of the current Supreme.” The girls will try to convince Fiona to give up hope … but will they succeed?

Madame LaLaurie Vs. Marie Laveau

The battle between Madame LaLaurie and Marie Laveau finally comes to a head, when Marie “enacts her horrible vengeance” … something that is more than likely worse than being buried alive for 120 years.

Joan And Luke

Luke has been missing in action since being around the Academy, when Marie Laveau’s zombies attacked. Unfortunately for Luke, his mother, Joan, decided to “severely” punish him for his “involvement with the girls.” However Nan’s bent on rescuing her crush, and “the intervention of another party leads to tragedy.”

“American Horror Story: Coven” episode 8 will air on FX on Wednesday, Dec. 4, at 10 p.m. What do you think will happen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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