You can stop refreshing the “American Horror Story” Facebook page. The FX mini-series has finally released a fourth teaser video for “Coven.”

The fourth video, "Stakes," was posted on “American Horror Story’s” social media platforms on Monday. The caption of the promo teases, “This October, stakes aren’t the only things we’re raising.”

At 20 seconds long, the latest clip is similar to the others – not revealing too much, yet definitely sending shivers down viewers' spines. “Stakes” shows three young women seemingly tied to individual wooden stakes that are on fire. Since many folks believed to be witches were burned at the stake in the past, the video doesn’t seem too shocking … at first.

With their heads hanging down and keeping completely silent, the women appear to be dead. The only noise in the video is a rendition of Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson's "Winter Song," which was also featured in the second “American Horror Story” teaser video, “Pins and Needles.” But as the camera turns to get a side profile of the girls, viewers can see that the women are not tied to the stakes … but levitating in front of them. With the camera continuing to swivel, a crunching sound breaks through the music, and with it the three women (who at first looked to be dead) snap their heads to look at the camera. 

As mentioned before, “Stakes” is the fourth teaser promo to be released for “Coven.” With the new season set to be about Salem witches vs. voodoo witches, the videos seem to be following a pattern.

The first video, “Detention,” showed eight girls levitating and facing a white wall while a chilling voice sang the line “There is a house in New Orleans,” from the song “House of the Rising Sun.” Video two, “Pins and Needles,” featured one woman sitting on her knees with three large pins sticking out of her. In the clip she sits still while a version of "Winter Song" plays – until, as in the “Stakes” video, she snaps and heads for the camera. The third promo released, “Staircase,” mirrored the first video and displayed a girl levitating upside down over a staircase while the same line from “House of the Rising Sun” was sung.

“American Horror Story: Coven” premieres Oct. 9 at 10 p.m. EDT. Will you be tuning in for season three of the FX mini-series? Let us know in the comments section.