The time has come for a new Supreme to rise … and for “American Horror Story: Coven” to come to an end. Next Wednesday marks the finale for season 3, and while fans of the FX miniseries might not be ready to say goodbye, the episode promises to be a powerful one.

“I think you’ll be surprised how this thing wraps up,” Cordelia’s Sarah Paulson told E! Online. “I don’t think anyone will see it coming. Just when you think you know what’s going to happen, it ends up being something else.”

What will happen in the “Coven” season finale? We’re breaking down the juicy leaked synopsis and deadly promo video:

The Final Dinner

The search for the next Supreme has divided the Coven, but with Fiona gone, will the girls band together? Unfortunately it doesn’t look that way.

Myrtle plans one last meal together before Sunday’s Seven Wonders, but the tension is already high among the witches. “I feel like I’m part of a family,” Zoe says in the promo video. “My teachers, my soulmates, my witches.”

New Hopes

“She was a force to be reckoned with, but a horrible Supreme,” Cordelia said of her mother in episode 12. Fiona’s reign of terror finally came to a close, and with a new Supreme on the line, it is Cordelia’s hope that the young woman “can lead the way out of an era of strife and chaos, towards repair and rejuvenation.” Besides moving forward and past the destruction, Cordelia also hopes that the witches can live in the open after the demise of the witch hunters … but even though Harrison is dead, are all the hunters really gone for good?

The Seven Wonders

Despite Zoe, Queenie, Madison and Misty all displaying some powerful magic, each girl is worried before the Seven Wonders. Queenie is struggling to “believe she could be the one,” Misty is “terrified” and Madison is “feeling vulnerable yet full of steely determination.” But the title of Supreme isn’t the only thing that Madison is determined to get – the young witch is also bent on ruining Zoe and Kyle.

A clip in the preview shows Madison exhibiting some “snarky barbs” during the Seven Wonders when she displays her power of Concilium – the ability of mind control over an individual. The third wheel in the Kyle-Zoe relationship chooses to manipulate Kyle into kissing her … and then force him to strangle Zoe.


Episode 12 teased that the Seven Wonders could be deadly, and the synopsis teases that “tragedy strikes as the trials go very wrong.” Will one of the girls fall victim? Or perhaps their leaders – Myrtle and Cordelia?

The New Supreme

By the end of episode 13 a new Supreme will rise – but she’ll be forced to “begin her reign by performing a heartbreaking task.” Whether it has something to do with the tragedy that strikes is a mystery for now, but the synopsis promises that the new Supreme will also have “one last piece of unfinished business” she has to attend to.

The season finale of "American Horror Story" will air on FX on Wednesday at 10 p.m.

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