Things are getting a bit heated on “American Horror Story.” With Fiona dying and the next Supreme up in the air, the witches at Miss Robichaux’s are divided at a time when they need to be united. And things won't get any easier for the Coven as the FX mini-series moves into episode 12, “Go To Hell.”

Episode 12 is set to air on Wednesday, Jan. 22, when viewers will see Fiona more desperate than ever to find and destroy the new Supreme. As viewers saw in episode 11, Fiona wants more time to be with her beloved, the Axeman. But the Axeman is not focused on her impending death -- he just wants to spend the rest of their remaining time together. Instead of focusing on the next Supreme, he tells her that he’d give up the axe if she gave up the Coven. And judging by the episode 12 synopsis, it looks like Fiona is torn over her decision to destroy the next Supreme or enjoy her final days.

While Fiona goes through her options, the Coven will move forward with the Seven Wonders. The Seven Wonders is “a dangerous ritual proving the Supreme’s ability to master seven magical powers.” In the past, Fiona was the only one who stood the chance to become the next Supreme. However, this time around, more than one of the remaining witches is manifesting multiple new powers.

What might some of these new powers be? For Queenie, it’s the power to descend into Hell … and return. Running into Marie Laveau’s old friend Papa Legba while using this new power, the likely question on fans' minds is: Will she use this power to rescue Nan? Whatever she may be using her new powers for, “American Horror Story” viewers can look forward to Queenie confronting Madame LaLaurie about her “new sense of ghoulish purpose.”

Cordelia, on the other hand, will use her regained second sense to see the future of the Coven -- and it’s not looking good. But that’s not the only vision she has. Miss Robichaux’s headmistress has a vision that “leads her to confront the Axeman with a hard truth” … perhaps about his love, Fiona.

“Go To Hell” will see the return of Misty Day (who was buried alive by Madison) and Zoe (who fled the Coven on orders from Myrtle) as the Coven gets closer to the rise of the new Supreme. But as we mentioned, things won’t get any easier, and as the synopsis promises, “multiple acts of bloody vengeance” will be carried out.