The teaser trailers for “American Horror Story” Season 4 just keep coming. A day after the chilling “Caged” video was released, the FX miniseries posted a fifth promo for “Freak Show.”

Titled “Head to Toe,” the new teaser gives fans a look at another performer in the freak show. A woman with curly red hair and a black line drawn down the middle of her face can be seen lying on a tabletop. She briefly looks at the camera before a foot comes up and covers one side of her face. A second foot follows, covering both her eyes. But this performer isn’t any old contortionist in the freak show -- because she has a third leg.

This isn’t the first contortionist who “American Horror Story” viewers have seen. The fourth trailer, “Caged,” featured a woman who was able to cram her body into a small birdcage. Meanwhile the third trailer, “Spotlight,” showed an acrobat propped up on a ring -- with three legs. Perhaps the “Spotlight” performer is the same one featured in “Head to Toe”?

“American Horror Story: Freak Show” will premiere on FX Oct. 8, at 10 p.m. EDT. The fourth installment of the miniseries is set in the “quiet, sleepy hamlet” of Jupiter, Fla., in 1952. However, things don’t stay quiet after a “troupe of curiosities” arrives. A “dark entity” will emerge, threatening the lives of both the townsfolk and freaks.

“This is the story of the performers and their desperate journey of survival amidst the dying world of the American Carny experience,” teases the official description.

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