“American Horror Story: Freak Show” premiered on FX on Wednesday, Oct. 8, introducing a whole new set of characters in the fourth installment of the hit mini-series. Keep up with water cooler talk with our recap of the 7 most disturbing moments from the Season 4 premiere:

1. The Truth Behind Bette And Dot

A milkman discovered Bette and Dot (Sarah Paulson), conjoined twins, after he found the body of one his customers dead on her kitchen floor. Nobody knew that the conjoined twins existed because their mother had kept their existence a secret from the town. The twins became the number one suspect in the murder of their mother – and for good reason. While they initially tried to lie about what happened, it was revealed that Bette had freaked out and stabbed her mother after she refused to let them leave the house. Bette desperately wanted to go to the movies, and couldn’t handle being told no anymore. Dot failed to stop her, and stabbed her sister in the chest as part punishment, part cover up.

2. Twisty The Clown Attack #1

The “American Horror Story” Season 4 villain, Twisty the Clown (John Carroll Lynch), made his first brutal appearance in the “Freak Show” premiere. While two young love birds tried to enjoy a romantic picnic (and a little more) on the shores of Lake Okeechobee, Twisty the Clown appeared from the woods. Twisty first showed the woman (Skyler Samuels) a couple of tricks – before brutally attacking her and her boyfriend with juggling pins. But unfortunately that wasn’t the most horrifying part of Twisty the Clown’s attack. He then proceeded to stab the boyfriend repeatedly in the stomach … and then chased after the girl when she tried to run.

3. Jimmy Takes His Show On The Road

Jimmy Darling (Evan Peters) -- aka Lobster Boy -- might try to hide his deformity from women that he’s interested in, however his hands do attract some wanted attention from the opposite sex. Lobster Boy doesn’t just perform at the freak show – he also performs on women on the side. Jimmy’s a hired act that attends parties thrown by local women, using his hands to provide them with a much needed “service.”

4. Twisty The Clown Attack #2

Twisty the Clown struck again – this time murdering a husband and wife while they were in their home. However Twisty the Clown didn’t kill their young son. Instead, he took him.

5. Twisty the Clown Freak Out

As if the first two murders weren’t enough of a clue, something is terribly off about Twisty the Clown. Besides looking terribly frightening with what appears to be peeled back skin, he also has a horrible temper.

In an abandoned school bus hidden away in the woods, Twisty the Clown has two living victims stowed away in cages – the girl from Lake Okeechobee and the young boy from the second attack. He first performed tricks for the pair and the woman begged for him to set them free so that they could tell the world how wonderful he is. Twisty simply laughed at her suggestion and proceeded to blow up a balloon animal. But when that balloon popped, he went on a horrifying bender. Twisty trashed the bus in a fit of rage, throwing items at his scared victims.

6. Meet the Geek

The performers at the freak show included a legless woman, a tiny woman named Ma Petite and many others with deformities. However there was one “freak” who had a twisted talent – he bites heads off of living creatures.

7. “Don’t Call Us Freaks”

Jimmy simply wanted a normal life; however people with a deformity like his have no chance of living outside a freak show. When a police officer arrived to arrest Bette and Dot for murdering their mother, he made the mistake of calling the performers freaks – and Jimmy did not take kindly.

“Don’t call us freaks!” Jimmy yelled. The detective’s words triggered rage in Jimmy, and he slashed the cop’s throat in order to protect his people.

“American Horror Story: Freak Show” airs on FX on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EDT.