Show me your … claws? Lady Gaga is gearing up to make her debut in “American Horror Story.” The singer took to Instagram to share with her followers a quick peek at the writer’s draft of the Season 5 “Hotel” script.

“Just doing a bit of monster homework,” she captioned the photo. “Horrible lipstick accident. #AHS.”

The “horrible lipstick accident” refers to the red mess on the top page. At a first glance the smudges appear to be blood, and can be seen all over Gaga’s long nails. And while fans of “American Horror Story” don’t know too much about her upcoming character, co-creator Ryan Murphy made one thing certain – she’s a bad, bad girl.

Lady Gaga’s casting announcement was made in February. However, the decision to add her to the series wasn’t a recent thing. Entertainment Weekly reported in March that co-creators Murphy and Brad Falchuk had been in talks with Lady Gaga since last fall. The 29-year-old supposedly told Murphy that she was a fan of the show and wanted to portray an “evil” character.

A handful of character names were released at San Diego Comic-Con, but Gaga’s was not among them. Fans did get a few hints about her role though – her character won’t be singing and is involved with fashion. She’s also the first star to be featured in the teaser video for “Hotel.”

The video, titled “Front Desk,” starts off with a bell on a table. A silver gloved female hand reaches out to ring the bell. The hand then taps its nails on the table … making a metallic clinking noise. While viewers don’t see anything but the hand, the scene cuts to a name across the screen: Lady Gaga.

“American Horror Story: Hotel” premieres on FX this Fall.