Sarah Paulson is a bad, bad girl. Or at least, that’s the role she’ll be playing in Season 5 of “American Horror Story” titled “Hotel.”

When Ryan Murphy confirmed in April that the fan favorite would be checking in to the upcoming FX thriller, slated to premiere in October, the mastermind behind the menacing series teased that Paulson will portray “the baddest bad girl of them all.” And it looks like he wasn’t kidding around.

Paulson divulged during an interview with The Wrap that her character in the forthcoming -- and frightening -- series will have bit of dark side.

“Well, I think, I’ve never played any villain on the show. So perhaps they’ll be an element of bad, bad girl,” Paulson, who has typically played the heroin throughout the chilling series, peeked our interest as she revealed her character’s naughty nature.

But we have to admit, the news regarding the devious role Paulson is set to play doesn’t exactly come as a surprise -- especially because the original "AHS" bad girl, Jessica Lange, has left the award-winning series. Lange confirmed that she wouldn’t be returning to “AHS” at PaleyFest in March.

“Yes, I’m done,” she announced the devastating news that she was officially hanging up her heels of horror. “We’ve had a great run here. I mean, I absolutely love doing these four characters, and in all the madness, I love the writers and Ryan [Murphy] and the insanity of shooting it.”

Lange’s beloved characters included Constance Langdon from “Murder House,” Sister Jude from “Asylum,” Fiona Goode from “Coven” and Elsa Mars from “Freak Show,” all of whom could be considered villainous. But with Lange gone, it only makes sense that Paulson would step up to the plate and take on the wicked role.

In Season 4 of “AHS,” fans got a taste of Paulson’s mischievous side when her two-headed character Bette and Dot Tattler performed a rendition of Fiona Apple’s playful tune “Criminal” during “Freak Show.”

“We were able to record them separately,” Paulson explained to the New York Post. “I recorded the Dot part, which is her singing well. Then the Bette part, which was slightly off. I really had to work with the singing teacher that Jessica used.”

Perhaps fans can expect Paulson to break out in song yet again in Season 5 of “AHS” considering she’ll be working side by side with the mother of monsters herself. Lady Gaga confirmed her participation in the upcoming series on Twitter, which she revealed in a teaser video, along with a post stating her excitment to star in the gruesome show alongside "AHS" veteran Paulson.

Are you excited for Sarah Paulson to play the bad girl in Season 5? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts on her upcoming role in “American Horror Story: Hotel,” which will air this October.