American Horror Story, the latest FX series, premiered to critical acclaim on Wednesday night.

The trailer alone is worth watching the show, and it got us thinking about our favorite creepy trailers on television. Here's a list of our Top Ten, in no particular order. (For copyright purposes, we were unable to include the opening credits for The Killing, which premiered on AMC this year -- otherwise that would have certainly been on this list!)
Here are the opening credits for “American Horror Story”:

The opening credits for “Six Feet Under” were as artfully chilling as the critically acclaimed HBO series (after the jump):

The “Carnavale” opener could give you nighmares….

“The Twilight Zone”: You can’t talk about spooky opening credits without mentioning this classic!

The “True Blood” opening credits are seriously scary – way more than the show itself:

“Spawn” was a not particularly well-known animated HBO series, and the music makes the spare opening credits even spookier:

“The Walking Dead” opening credits are a bit cutesy, but still pretty creepy:

The “Twin Peaks” opening credits balance campiness and eeriness for maximum effect. Very David Lynch!

“Dexter” is as famous for its opening credits as it is for the vigilante killings that take place on the show every week:

“The Tomorrow People” – this is an older more obscure British show, but warrants inclusion on the list because not only is it super creepy, but the show was made for children! The UK science fiction series aired from 1973 to 1979.