American Jianye Greentech Holdings, Inc., a growing alcohol-based alternative fuels developer in the People’s Republic of China that proudly boasts of its product’s low cost and environmentally sound profile, announced today that the Company’s wholly owned operating firm, Heilongjiang New Clean Fuels Co., Ltd, has opened offices and completed construction on a new clean fuel plant in the North Industrial Area of Liaoning Province, Tieling City.

As the maker of clean, alcohol-based fuels which are an 85/15 mix of alcohol and gasoline/diesel respectively, Heilongjiang New Clean Fuels emphasizes the clean-burning rate and high-heat output of its product, which has been awarded a national Chinese patent. The Company is also a proud recipient of acknowledgement by the State Development and Reform Commission for its proprietary fuel blending technology.

The AJGH facility within the sprawling, 38 sq. km. Tieling Industry Zone is an 80k sq. meter lot with a 4k sq. meter section for a vehicle conversion and restructuring factory, and a 10k sq. meter lot for blending/producing automobile/civil-use clean fuel that has a projected annual capacity of 200,000 tons, which should fetch the Company $100 net per ton.

Company President Mr. Haipeng Wang noted the prosperity of this site, where the Company’s exceptional and diverse product line could be readily manufactured for easy distribution into “central, eastern and southern China markets through the Yingkou and Qinhuangdao Ports”.

Mr. Haipeng Wang affirmed the Company’s commitment to grow the business in the immediate future through an expansion of its “scope and scale to include other diversified and specialized products”.

With the growing dominance of alcohol-based fuels sweeping across China’s huge market, demand for the Company’s products are at an unprecedented level, and demand worldwide for this clean-burning and multi-purpose commodity is accelerating at an alarming rate, causing many analysts to raise concerns about a lack of production capacity.