Headquartered in Henderson, Nevada, American Lithium Minerals is a mineral exploration company with interests in America’s richest lithium reserves. The Company has 100 percent mineral rights to 16,000 acres comprising four claim blocks in Nevada’s lithium-rich Montezuma Valley.

The company is currently assessing the size, quality, and processing alternatives of their Lithium Brine Project. Formerly known as Nugget Resources Inc., the Company changed their name to American Lithium Minerals, Inc. on March 20, 2009. They have their corporate headquarters in Henderson, Nevada.

There is currently an increased demand for lithium carbonate due to the shift to hybrid/electric vehicles. American Lithium Minerals expects to develop their Nevada lithium resource into one of the world’s largest strategic, scalable, and reliable sources of battery grade lithium carbonate. The Company is working to develop and realize their mineral projects through cooperation with international partners.

Lithium is a comparatively rare element. Larger amounts of the metal are obtained through the electrolysis of lithium chloride (LiCl). Lithium is not found free in nature and makes up only 0.0007 percent of the earth’s crust. Lithium is used to synthesize cathode material for lithium ion batteries.

Lithium also used to make special glasses and ceramics. It is the lightest known metal and can be alloyed with aluminum, copper, manganese, and cadmium to make strong, lightweight metals for aircraft.

On Wednesday, American Lithium Minerals Inc. announced that Mr. Stephen Cook joined the Company as Vice-President of Investor Relations.
Matthew Markin, the Chairman, and President of American Lithium Minerals, stated, “We are very pleased to have Stephen Cook join our growing team here at American Lithium Minerals. His record for assisting growing companies gain acceptance into the public market place is second to none. Adding Mr. Cook’s 20 plus years of financial markets experience will greatly enhance our ability to communicate our exciting story to all types of investors.”