“American Ninja Warrior” shifted from Houston to Orlando, Florida, for episode 4 of Season 7’s city qualifying rounds on Monday. Who would advance to city finals this week?

The road to the city finals in Orlando would be difficult with competitors facing the quintuple steps, the rolling log, the paddle boards, the swinging tires, the double-tilt ladders, and, of course, the warped wall.

The most anticipated run of the night was that of Miami’s Flip Rodriguez. The “American Ninja Warrior” veteran, known for the trademark black and white mask he wears while competing, was hoping to redeem himself after an early exit in last year’s city qualifying round. He did that and more! Rodriguez shed the mask before his Orlando run, letting fans see the man underneath, as he recorded one of the fastest times of the night.

Watch Rodriguez’s run below:

Afterwards, Rodriguez told viewers why he chose to compete without the mask.

The episode provided a little bit of “American Ninja Warrior” history as well. At 6’6”, rookie Jon Alexis Jr., wearing a shirt reading “The Giant,” became the tallest competitor ever to finish a city qualifying course and climb the warped wall. Not only that, but Alexis recorded the fastest time of the night by far. His father, wearing a “Sensei” shirt and also competing in the episode, was not able to complete the course, stumbling on the paddle boards.

Watch Alexis Jr.’s run below:

After Kacy Catanzaro fell short in the Houston city qualifying round in episode 3, fans were hoping that Mary Beth Wang could score one for the women of “American Ninja Warrior." The Tampa gymnast and mother of two was the first competitor of the night to reach the double- tilt ladders, but, unfortunately, the difficult obstacle ended her night.

Watch Wang’s run below:

In the end, 25 contestants completed the course and will be moving on to the city finals, including veterans Travis Rosen, J.J. Rosen, and Shaun Murray. Alexis Jr. had the fastest time of the night, clocking in at just over one minute and 37 seconds.

Watch Murray’s run below:

Two cities remain in the city qualifying rounds, Pittsburgh and San Pedro, California. Fans will have to wait to find out who makes the cut. “American Ninja Warrior” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EDT on NBC. A replay of the Orlando episode will air Tuesday at 8 p.m. EDT on Esquire.