American Perspective Bank – – announced yesterday that the change of name, from American Principle Bank, was completed (including legal work) pursuant to the May 2010 approval of an amendment to the Articles of Incorporation at the Bank’s Annual Meeting.

Operations are proceeding under the new name, but there has been no change in the logistical infrastructure or personnel and the Bank will continue to use the same phone numbers and mailing addresses with which clients are familiar.

The old website has been closed down and now forwards directly to, which features a complete redesign and enhanced information and feature selections.

APBA has worked hard to make the changeover seamless to the end user, and the name change will not impact client accounts or mean a change in account numbers, debit cards or checks; in fact, clients don’t need to do anything at all and everything will still work, with new operational accoutrements distributed automatically upon renewal.

No change in stock certificates will take place either, since existing certificates will remain valid and be fully honored. The Bank is recommending that shareholders with paper certificates deposit them with a brokerage for electronic conversion, which will eliminate the potential for loss and also automatically convert the shares to the new name.

President and CEO of APBA, Thomas J. Beene, stressed that this is a “change in legal name only”, without any other change to the Bank, and that the new name truly reflects the unique perspective on highly customizable financial solutions and long-lasting client relationships.

Beene also noted the new branch office in Santa Maria, CA, which will open in July under the new name to join the existing San Luis Obispo primary location, which currently serves commercial enterprises, real estate investors and other professionals in addition to the residents of Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties.

Executive VP of APBA, Thomas R. Strait, commented on the launch of a sweeping ad campaign to debut the new name and trumpet the Bank’s dedication to its five founding principles of “integrity, commitment, expertise, communication, and service”, also noting that the logos will continue to use the 5-star design which represents these values.

APBA deposits are FDIC insured and the Bank is a participant in the FDIC’s Transaction Account Guarantee Program (scheduled to continue until the end of 2010), which affords unlimited FDIC insurance for checking accounts, in addition to and separate from the base insurance.