One company that has been catching the eyes of investors of late is American Sierra Gold Corporation. Located in Reno, Nevada, American Sierra has blossomed into a leading independent gold exploration company. Today, American Sierra Gold took a major step towards enhancing their future with the announcement that they have appointed Patrick Fagen manager of their Discovery Day mining project.

The Discovery Day mining project is expected to produce major results for the young corporation and putting Fagen in charge is just one more step towards success on the project. The appointment will bring even more credibility to the company in turn of investment potential.

Fagen is a known name in the industry. A specialist in California and USFS mine permitting, he holds a BS Degree from Auburn University. Fagen has an acclaimed reputation which he earned after operating several successful mining projects of which the focus was on exploration, development and management of high-grade underground mines.

When asked about the opportunity to become one of the leaders at American Sierra, Fagen was quoted as saying, “I am very excited to join American Sierra’s efforts to work on progressing the Discovery Day mining project. The high-grade gold mines in Salmon River district were some of the richest in California and this particular claim block includes several historical mines that were among the best producers in the district. The extensive development work and infrastructure already in place, including an operational mill, sets this group of mining properties far apart from the typical junior exploration portfolio.”

Wayne Gruden, who serves as American Sierra’s CEO, was asked about the addition of Fagen. Gruden stated, “I am delighted that Pat decided to join American Sierra’s efforts to develop the Discovery Day Mine. He has the right set of skills to take the project forward successfully. American Sierra will provide him with all the support necessary to try to accomplish our corporate goals. Pat’s expertise will be crucial to the success of the project.”

The addition of Fagen and mining projects such as the Discovery Day Project is allowing American Sierra to set themselves apart from others in the industry. Currently, American Sierra is trading in the $0.50 range and seems to have excellent potential. American Sierra also earned national attention on November 05, 2009 when the prestigious Cohen Independent Research Group gave the company a “Buy” rating and set a target price of $3.21. If American Sierra comes close to these expectations, the young company will truly become the company that saves and/or puts the savvy investor’s portfolio well into the black.

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