MTV's America's Best Dance Crew, the show, which pits crews from around the country against each other, starts its third season Thursday night.

Mario Lopez is back as host, and Layla Kayleigh remains to be the backstage correspondent. Hok and Dominic from season three are two members of Quest, one of the nine crews to be competing for this year's title.

After two seasons that showcase some most talented dance from the country ABDC 3rd season is going to push the contestant to the limits.

ABDC fans are getting a treat in the first episode, when Rainen Paguio and rest of the season 2's JabbaWockeeZ turns up as a guest judge as JC Chasez will not be appearing in the premiere.

One things JC says he has no plans to be part of an 'N Sync Reunion Tours, Sorry Lance!