Nick Cannon has revealed his principal course of study at Howard University.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight at “America’s Got Talent” live show in Los Angeles on Tuesday, the host of the talent reality TV series revealed that he is majoring in “strategic legal and management communications.”

When asked what it is about, the 35-year-old funny man explained that it is “dealing with, obviously, the law and also the business that we're all in with communications.”

“I felt like I was already into the communications field in doing [show business] for a couple decades,” he said of why he picked the said subjects as the focus of his study. “Why not get behind it? [I want to] understand the legal aspects of it, and the strategic management part so I can continue to build my empire.”

Cannon had never gotten the chance to go to college when he was younger. After graduating in 1998 from Monte Vista High School in Spring Valley, Calif., he got a job as a warm-up comedian for Nickelodeon's studio audience in Los Angeles, and that’s where his entertainment career started.

So why did Cannon decide to go back to school after many years? “It's something I've always wanted to do, and I truly feel like it's the next stage in my life,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “Entertainment is outstanding but I truly want to utilize my voice, I want to be a part of the community, and I'm always encouraging young people and being an advocate for education, so I need to make sure I get mine first.”

Last month, Cannon briefly talked to The Source about his contribution in helping others get the education they deserve.

“I always say the way we actually truly implement change is two ways: education and occupation. You’ll see quite a bit from me in both of those worlds,”  Cannon told the website when asked about his philanthropic works. “Providing more jobs for our community and mainly providing better education. I’ve been in Washington quite a bit working on the STEM education programs and the college preparatory programs, and getting more funding for that and making sure that the funding doesn’t go away for all of these things that have been put aside.”

Despite his busy schedule as an entertainer and a father to his twin five-year-olds, Moroccan and Monroe, with ex-wife Mariah Carey, Cannon said that he’s committed in completing his college degree. In fact, he is planning to get a PhD.

“I'm not just going to start, or stop in 2020,” the comedian said. “I'm going all the way to get [my] PhD.”

Cannon revealed that he’s studying again when he shared an Instagram photo of himself next to a Howard University sign last Saturday.