There are the high tech products being offered to address the current energy crises, and then there are the work horse products that use “old fashion” technology to get the job done. Sometimes investor’s get all to caught up in the “hi-tech” world we live in. Basic physics, however, has been with us since the start of the universe and is sometimes is the best way to think about products, what they were meant to do and how to invest in them.

Americas Wind Energy Inc., a sublicense of Emergya Wind Technologies B.V., a manufacturer of wind energy turbines, holds a North American license to offer mid-size wind energy turbines to the wind energy marketplace. The company specializes in Largerwey wind turbine technology for the full spectrum of wind power applications: urban, rural and extreme wind conditions.

The company’s direct drive turbine system enables substantial benefits over competing gear driven systems. Ease of maintenance in all weather conditions is perhaps one of the more attractive benefits. It is, however, the reduction of components that is more likely the larger benefit found in lower manufacturing costs, lower installation costs and lower defect warranty costs. In the end, the company’s product is a work horse less prone to down time and available to serve several variable wind climates.

This variable wind climate adaptability does seem to make the company’s product a bit more versatile toward regional conditions. One must realize that most wind turbine companies manufacture for a certain wind environment alone, which is generally regional in nature – light, medium, strong and very strong. Americas Wind Energy appears to be able to offer a relatively standard direct drive that serves most or all conditions. Understanding the technical specifications is all important, but this probability does seem to offer the company an advantage.