The head of the U.S. Labor Department, Hilda Solis, in the wake of another government report noting more job losses in September, highlighted programs for unemployed workers and small businesses to help boost employment.

We have invested nearly $4 billion toward workforce training in high growth and emerging sectors, where we know that workers can find good jobs, Solis said in a released statement Friday. Our more than 3,000 One-Stop Career Centers across the country provide basic employment search help and job training.

She also noted that a government plan is set to provide $5 billion in capital to more than 12,000 small businesses through two lending programs in the next 90 days. While the Small Business Administration does not directly provide loans, it can provide guarantees when small business owners apply to private lenders. The SBA said it has increased lending sharply since the economic stimulus was passed.

At the Department of Labor, we are working tirelessly to ensure that we fulfill our responsibility to provide these workers with the assistance they need today, she added.

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