A quarter of people suffering from diabetes could be at risk of amputation as they have not received a foot check-up in the last year, a leading charity has warned.

The survey, conducted by Diabetes UK, has also found that people with diabetes are up to 15 times more likely to have a major amputation than those without the condition.

The charity has urged sufferers to have foot and leg check-ups as part of their annual healthcare review without fail.

The study, which analysed over 7,000 cases of diabetes across the UK, also revealed that people with the condition are not receiving the care they need.

A total of 22 percent of people suffering from the condition had not, or were not aware that they had to, got a blood or urine test done in the past year to monitor their kidney function, the research has found.

Also, the majority (62 percent) of sufferers did not have an individual care plan developed with their healthcare professional, and 34 percent had never received any education to help them manage the condition, the study found.

The charity has urged the government to place a greater emphasis on prioritising diabetes in the Health Outcomes and Commissioning Frameworks and to ensure that footcare complications are monitored and targeted to improve standards of care.