Friends say Amy Winehouse wanted a big Friday night via a massive drug and alcohol binge that resulted in the singer-songwriter's death at the age of 27.

Winehouse's final hours were reportedly a blur of drug buying and binging, resulting in a fatal overdose. Tabloids are claiming Winehouse was seen Friday night, hours before her death, buying drugs from a dealer in the Camden area. They claim Winehouse was under the influence of alcohol while buying cocaine, heroine, ecstasy and ketamine.

Police have not yet released an official cause of Amy Winehouse's death, and an autopsy to determine the official cause will not be performed before Monday morning, authorities say. But details emerging point to drug and alcohol overdose from a massive binge.

Amy seemed determined to have a big one on Friday night, a source told The People, a London tabloid. She was out in Camden on Friday evening, but seemed determined to carry the party back at her flat. None of us know who was with her into the early hours of Saturday. But getting out of it was clearly her main priority of the night.

A different source told The People they had seen Winehouse buying cocaine from a well known dealer in the Camden area Friday.

But cocaine and alcohol may not have been the only drugs in Winehouse's system at the time of her death. Another source told The People that Winehouse may have died from a bad ecstasy pill that killed her when mixed with large amounts of alcohol she was said to have consumed.

It was an ecstasy overdose, the source said. She could do cocaine until the cows come home. But this was obviously a dodgy (ecstasy) pill.

Winehouse's long battle with drug and alcohol addiction has been well documented in the years since the singer-songwriter rocketed to fame in 2007. In the years since, she claimed five Grammy awards and sold more than five million albums, but she also has been a regular feature subject in tabloids for drug and alcohol use.

Sources say Winehouse was seen buying cocaine, heroine, ecstasy and katimine in the hours leading up to her death. The say Winehouse was devastated over a recent split from director Traviss, and wanted to get out of it.

She was pronounced dead early Saturday morning after police were called to her North London home.