John Mauldin is a deep thinker. As analysts go, I consider him one of the best out there. That is why I wanted you to catch his article from Saturday the 15th. He entitled it Thinking the Unthinkable. It's a long article (as often John's are), but a good one. You will probably concur a need to own physical gold when you finish it. As you read it, pay the most attention to the top of the article - especially the part about how the Federal Reserve has added a third mandate (they only publically are supposed to have two). John refers to a CNBC's Steve Liesman interviewing Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke:   

It's got to be driving Fed types nuts to see the theory of QE, so lovingly advanced and believed in by so many economists, be relegated to the trash heap, along with so many other economic theories (like that of efficient markets). The market has a way of doing that.

So, Liesman asked Bernanke about one minute into the clip (link below) about the little snafu that, following QE2, both interest rates and commodity prices have risen. How can that be a success? Ben's answer (paraphrased):

We have seen the stock market go up and the small-cap stock indexes go up even more.

Really? Is it the third mandate of the Fed now to foster a rising stock market? I wonder what the Fed's target for the S&P is for the end of the year? That would be an interesting bit of information. Are we going to target other asset classes?

Understand, I am not against a rising stock market. But that is not the purview of the Fed. And certainly not a reason to add $600 billion to the balance sheet of the Fed when we clearly do not understand the consequences.

John Mauldin concludes that: If it looks like they're making up the rules as they go along, it's because they are.

Man, ooh man. I know what I want to have with a $600 billion experiment going on. Bedrock physical gold!  Bedrock numismatic gold. Bedrock numismatic silver! Lear Capital