Anderson Cooper Ducks Bomb Live On-Air In Gaza [VIDEO]

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The iconic journalist's daytime talk show has been canceled, reportedly due to low ratings.

Anderson Cooper's been reporting live from Gaza's front line for days now, but last night, he may have gotten more than he bargained for.

 In the middle of a live report, Cooper was thrown forward by a bomb that exploded near his camera setup.  A flash was seen almost a second before a booming rumble sent Cooper flying forward. Then, a chorus of car alarms could be heard. Undeterred, Cooper continued on with his report, jokingly stating "that was a rather large explosion." He reported that it was the largest he'd heard in recent memory. Cooper then quickly resumed his report about Palestinian civilian casualties in Gaza. "There's a lot of fear," he said. "People are bone-tired. You know, this has been going on for days now. There's this constant sound of the drones. It is a very eerie feeling. It's a very strange feeling." On Monday, both sides reportedly crept closer to a cease-fire, though Israel remained at the ready for a ground attack if rocket fire continued from Gaza.  


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