Anderson Cooper Ducks Bomb Live On-Air In Gaza [VIDEO]

  on November 19 2012 1:21 PM

Anderson Cooper's been reporting live from Gaza's front line for days now, but last night, he may have gotten more than he bargained for.

 In the middle of a live report, Cooper was thrown forward by a bomb that exploded near his camera setup.  A flash was seen almost a second before a booming rumble sent Cooper flying forward. Then, a chorus of car alarms could be heard. Undeterred, Cooper continued on with his report, jokingly stating "that was a rather large explosion." He reported that it was the largest he'd heard in recent memory. Cooper then quickly resumed his report about Palestinian civilian casualties in Gaza. "There's a lot of fear," he said. "People are bone-tired. You know, this has been going on for days now. There's this constant sound of the drones. It is a very eerie feeling. It's a very strange feeling." On Monday, both sides reportedly crept closer to a cease-fire, though Israel remained at the ready for a ground attack if rocket fire continued from Gaza.  


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