What do James Murphy, Damon Albarn and Andre 3000 have in common? Besides being three of the most talented musicians alive, they all apparently love Converse shoes, or were at least willing to take a chunk of cash in exchange for collaborating on a new song titled DoYaThing, the latest in the company's series of musical collaborations titled 3 Artists 1 Song. Download the song for free at Converse's website.

The song, which the artists wrote and recorded in three days, expertly mixes the vocal hooks that made James Murphy and his ex-band LCD Soundsystem the darlings of the indie scene with Damon Albarn's (Gorillaz, Blur) haunting singing voice. Rapper Andre 3000 (Outkast) lays down a few verses of the clever lyricism he's known for to round out the track--I'm an outcast, but you're into me/Summer got mad cause Winter blew me.

Everything comes together perfectly, which is no surprise given Murphy and Albarn's extensive experience churning out accessible yet intriguing and layered music in the recording studio, not to overlook Andre, who is as accomplished as a beat maker as he is as a lyricist.

If we'd have had two weeks, we could have made a whole record,told Pitchfork. Sigh... if only. Read the full interview here.

According to both Albarn and Murphy the current four-and-a-half minute long track is just a taste of the 12-minute long masterpiece that was leaked earlier today on Stereogum. The final product includes a long build up in the style of LCD Soundsystem (think Dance Yrself Clean and You Wanted A Hit), and some ad-libbed lyrics by Andre centered around the phrase I'm the sh-t, no one's arguing there.

Describing the experience of recording the song to Pitchfork, James Murphy said, I got there before André, so Damon and I just talked about what we wanted to do. He was already playing around with some new machines, and one of them wound up making a loop that we liked-- we were working on the track before we realized we were working on the track, which was really nice. And then André came in and started playing piano in the background-- everything was a lot more normal than I would have expected.

Murphy described Andre as an awesome dude, and added, you know how you think you're going to meet André and he's going to be totally cool? He's actually way cooler. I was pretty awestruck. He names Stankonia as his top Outkast album, and praises Hey Ya! as his favorite song of the last 10 years.

During his interview with Pitchfork, Albarn described the scene in the studio, saying, It's live: I'm playing guitar, the drum machine is going, James is playing bass, and André just goes off. And what he's saying just gets more and more ridiculous. It finished on its own will. We really had nothing to do with it.

Thanks to a 'making of' video you can see the three artists in action, and an official music video is slated for release on Feb. 29.