Less than three weeks into fighting the top pound for pound boxer in the world, the underdog challenger, Andre Berto is now confident that he has what it takes to beat Floyd Mayweather Jr.

“We’re here. It’s my time to see him. He can have his ‘MayVinci’ code because we put in the work. The whole team is confident. I’m going to do what I do,” Berto said in an interview with boxingnewsonline.net. “We worked on a lot of different things at camp. I have the speed to keep up with him. I have more power.”

Berto specifically mentioned his potent uppercut and his side-to-side movements as keys to giving Mayweather the first loss in his career.

“There is a lot more to me than just walking guys down. I have speed, I have power, I have a crazy uppercut, I can move to the side. There are a lot of ways I can get it done,” Berto, who has lost three of his last six bouts, added.

Berto is 30-3-0 in his career with 23 knockouts while Mayweather is 48-0-0 with 26 knockouts. Berto is coming off wins against Steve Chambers and Josesito Lopez with the last one coming by way of a sixth round knockout.

Meanwhile, Mayweather is coming off a win against Manny Pacquiao last May. He is aiming to retire undefeated and get his 49th pro win as he has announced that the fight against Berto next month would be the last in his career. Berto will be aiming for the upset victory and steal Mayweather’s belts, the World Boxing Council World welterweight title and the World Boxing Association Super World welterweight title.

The Mayweather-Berto fight will be held at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sept. 12, 2015.