NFL quarterback Andrew Luck is getting a lot of attention for his locker room photobomb, and unfortunately (or fortunately for some), he was not ready for his close-up, Mr. DeMille. Though the picture could have easily been designated NSFW (not suitable for work), it’s safe to say it turned out PG-13.

Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee shared an image of the victorious behind-the-scenes photo at Lucas Oil Field after his team beat the Kansas City Chiefs, which Luck clearly didn't know was being taken. The QB, 24, had all his intimate parts covered, but was photographed bending over as he seemingly tried to cover himself with a towel.

McAfee quickly noticed his mistake, that a half-naked Luck was in the background, but the damage had already been done. It seems Luck isn’t always as fortunate as his surname suggests.

McAfee purportedly shared the picture because he wanted to show kicker Adam Vinatieri being interviewed after their 45-44 win. It didn’t take long, thanks to his 170,000 followers, to realize he had a nude NFL star in his picture. He promptly deleted the picture and sent subsequent apology messages to clear up his mistake.

“Oh boy ... Half-naked Andrew in the back of that last one,” he wrote in one tweet. “He looked damn good though.” Then McAfee added: “I feel awful for that Luck photobomb. Really thankful all his parts were covered. And now I'm hoping the future HOFer forgives the mistake.”

Luck hasn’t publicly commented on the gaffe. Media members aren’t allowed to tweet pictures from most professional locker rooms, Yahoo wrote, most likely because many players are trying to change. NFL team members might want to start following a similar rule to avoid exposing any more half-naked QBs.

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