After much anticipation, it looks like Android’s Jelly Bean update is finally beginning to roll out to the Galaxy S3 on a larger scale. On Thursday, the international version of Samsung’s flagship handset got the update, and earlier this week AT&T models were upgraded. Now, we’re getting a closer look at the package of upgrade features Samsung has labeled as the Premium Suite, which launches on Saturday.

The new batch of features is split up into two parts, but Samsung has only revealed features for the first half. This portion of the Premium Suite upgrade is split into two categories: Contextual Awareness and Enhanced Features. Contextual Awareness includes the following new capabilities:

Page Buddy- This enables a user’s phone to predict what he or she intends to do based on the average actions performed. For example, if a Galaxy S3 owner plugs in earphones, the device will automatically launch a music player app.

Contextual Menu- When users list up their apps, they can now choose to see the most frequently used ones first. This is especially useful for scrolling through apps to find files to attach to a message or email.

Contextual Tag- When users snap a photo with their device, they now have the option to tag elements such as the weather, the date and place immediately.

The second half of the first batch of upgrades, known as Enhanced Features, includes the following:

Multi Window- This is one of the flagship features to debut with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2, and now the company is bringing it to the Galaxy S3. This lets users launch two different apps at the same time and run them simultaneously in different windows on the screen.

Auto Share Shot Pairing using NFC- Those who love to share photos instantly can set their camera to the “Auto Share Shot” mode. This will allow users to transfer photos and videos between Galaxy S3 devices and other handsets compatible with Android’s NFC and S-Beam by simply touching the two smartphones together.

Reader Mode: This lets users control the size of the text on their device’s Web browser and enables sharing by simply clicking on the Web page.

Facebook Lock Ticker: Users can set their Facebook news feed as their home screen.

So far, this update has only rolled out to international version of the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 handsets. Galaxy S3 owners in nations such as Poland, India, the United Kingdom, France Sweden, Italy, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Algeria are currently seeing the Android 4.1.2 update.