Further pushing the idea that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will skip the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update in favor for Android 4.3 is a recently leaked photo of the device running the yet-to-be-released operating system.

The guys at Temefy shared an image from its insider at Samsung R&D India of the Galaxy S3, as per it’s "about phone" page, running Android 4.3 with the build number JDQ47. This build number is notably different from the JWR66N build number recently seen on the Nexus 4 smartphone bought on Craigslist running Android 4.3 and the Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition ROM of Android 4.3 that leaked prior. However, the difference may be that the latter devices run stock Android, while the Galaxy S3 will likely run Samsung’s TouchWiz accented version of Android 4.3.

According to Temefy’s insider, the device belongs to a Samsung R&D employee who is a part of the team currently developing the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean build for Galaxy S3. There are reportedly separate teams developing Android 4.3 builds for the Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy S4. The later team is also said to be working on a build for another device, believed to be the Galaxy Note 3, but it could be one of a number of Galaxy devices including the Galaxy Mega or the Galaxy S4 Zoom, Active or Mini.

The reports that suggested Samsung is planning on skipping the Android 4.2.2 update for several devices proposed both the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2. In addition to this photo leak, recent reports indicate that the Australian carrier Telstra shared on its support page that the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy Note 2 has been “withdrawn,” which serves as pretty damning evidence that the Android 4.3 update rumor is accurate, at least for the Galaxy Note 2. There is no word on the carrier’s plans for the Galaxy S3.

“Samsung have elected globally to skip the 4.2.2 update for this device and will instead go to a newer version of Android. No schedule has been provided for this update,” Telstra said of the Galaxy Note 2 on its support page.

Currently, we expect to see Android 4.3 unveiled in just two days on Thursday alongside the new Nexus 7 tablet, after which the device is expected to be released in various retail stores on July 30 and July 31. Once the new Nexus 7 is officially on the market, the Android 4.3 update should begin rolling out onto other devices. We propose the Google Play Editions Galaxy S4 and HTC One will be next in receiving the update, followed by standard devices on various carriers. As usual, the Android 4.3 will likely roll out onto foreign carriers before coming to the U.S. Even then, certain mobile carriers will likely release the update later than others.

The Galaxy Note 2 appears in better standing to receive the update first as it has not received a system update since its September 2012 release, though some later shipped handsets run Android 4.1.2 instead of Android 4.1.1. The Galaxy S3, which released in May 2012, originally ran Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich but is upgradable to Android 4.1.1 as of November 2012. Regardless of which device of the two get the Android 4.3 update first, they both appear to have gone long enough without an update.

Do you think the recent Galaxy S3 running Android 4.3 leak is sufficient evidence that a Jelly Bean update is on the way? Let us know in the comments below.   

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