Samsung Galaxy S 2 has global sales figures of 3 million units sold in 55 days as a credential to prove that it is a possible iPhone 5 slayer.

The Android phone packs in superlative specifications wrapped in an ultra-thin frame. However, Galaxy S 2 is not the only super phone which can topple the iPhone but there is another beast lurking in the corner with the right specifications to handle both Apple iPhone and Galaxy S 2. It is the HTC Sensation

The phone from the Taiwan electronics maker matches Samsung Galaxy S 2 back-to-back and thus, a worthy device to title it a superphone.

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While both Galaxy S 2 and HTC Sensation have the where-with-all to beat iPhone 4, they are also at loggerheads with each other to corner a slice of the burgeoning smartphone market. Pew Internet & American Life Project states that currently 35 percent of American adults own a smartphone.

Here is a comparison between Samsung Galaxy S 2 and HTC Sensation: 


Samsung Galaxy S2 brings the beauty of Super AMOLED screen on a 4.3-inch display and offers a screen resolution of 800x480. However, HTC Sensation attempts to make up for the lack of AMOLED screen by offering higher screen resolution of 960x540 on a 4.3-inch display S-LCD display.


Galaxy S 2 is a svelte beauty weighing a mere 4 oz and ultra-thin measuring 0.33-inch in thickness. HTC Sensation is rather large in comparison weighing 5.2 oz and is 0.44-inch thick. However, HTC Sensation boasts a better aluminum frame in comparison to Galaxy's plastic build. The Sensation reviews suggest that it feels smaller when held in comparison to its proportions.


HTC Sensation matches Samsung Galaxy S 2's compute power as it sports a 1.2GHz dual-core QUALCOMM chip under its hood. Galaxy S 2 is powered by a dual-core 1.2GHz Orion processor.


HTC Sensation offers 768 MB RAM and 1GB internal memory with support for microSD up to 32GB. Samsung Galaxy S 2 features 1 GB RAM and comes in 16/32 GB internal memory configuration.


Samsung Galaxy S 2 offers a whopping 8 MP rear-facing and a 2MP front-facing camera. HTC Sensation also packs an 8MP rear and a VGA front-facing camera. Both the phones offer 1080p video capture capability.

Battery Life:

HTC Sensation offers up to 8 hours talk-time while Samsung Galaxy S 2 is reported to offer 9 hours in talk-time.


Both HTC Sensation and Samsung Galaxy S 2 run on Android 2.3 or Gingerbread juice. However they offer their own customized UI in the form of TouchWhiz offered by Samsung and HTC Sense.

Other features offered by HTC Sensation include its own video-on demand service. It leverages progressive download technology so that users can watch videos without waiting for the content to finish downloading. HTC Watch also allows users to instantly access a complete library of the latest as well as classic movies and TV shows. There is a Video Trimmer tool which allows users to crop their clips to desired size, allowing users to upload videos to different social networking websites for sharing them with family and friends.

HTC Sense also offers Instant Capture camera whereby the moment the capture button is pressed the same moment the photo is taken without time lag. It also allows multi-window browsing and offers immersive experience on HTC Sensation.

Samsung Galaxy S 2 also offers voice-recognition feature whereby a user can control important functions on the phone like calling, music, messaging and launching apps through voice commands. It also comes equipped with NFC-enabled mobile payment solution.