Smartphone users in the business world have long flocked to BlackBerry devices because they have a secure network that ensures their proprietary information stays private. Those business people represent an untapped resource for both Apple and Android device makers. However, Google is taking steps to finally convince business networks to allow workers to use devices not of the BlackBerry world.

Motorola, that Google now owns, has launched a security, management and remote access functionality for Android, and it offers a BlackBerry Enterprise Server type of environment, tech blog GigaOm reported. The software allows businesses to choose which applications are allowed to be accessed from Android, and lets them remotely erase things that might be a risk. Furthermore, devices can be tracked through a server console and applicatios installed remotely.

The software is made by 3LM (part of Motorola) and it goes on sale this month, GigaOm added. Apple has also made overtures to business users with the release of iOS 5. In addition to a more secure network, iPhone 4S is a travelling phone in that it works in the U.S. and Europe. It has both CDMA and GSM network capabiltiy.

Business users are using Apple and Android devices more and more, but their companies often require their devices to have strict security requirements; they type offered most by BlackBerry. Many workers are consequently using two devices, one for work and one for personal use. If Android can make itself more attractive to those personal uses, more and more workers may push to have their companies allow them to use just one phone for both.