According to the latest figures, Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM) has been pushed down to third place from second in the U.S smartphone platform market share ranking according to a comScore report. 

RIM's share has dropped more than 40 per cent in value since February when it was higher than $70. While RIM's market share was decreasing, Google's Android surged to 36.4 per cent share ranking no.1 while Apple's iPhone moved up to ranking no.2 with 26 per cent market share.  RIM's market share fell to 25.7 per cent from 30.4 per cent.

Various industrial analysts were skeptical about RIM's future as it will face more fierce competition from Apple. For instance, the new introduction of the iCloud service may pose a tough challenge to RIM since it has some aspects of the service that are more appealing. Apple will also be providing the iCloud service for free at least for now which could further hurt RIM.

Meanwhile, for the mobile phone makers, Samsung has ranked no.1 with 24.5 percent of the U.S. market share, followed by LG with nearly 21 percent and Motorola with 15.6 percent.

Apple has increased its share of the market to 8.3 percent, surpassing RIM to grab fourth place. During the three-month period, a total of 234 million people in the U.S. owned mobile phones.

The comScore numbers released Friday also revealed that an increasing proportion of mobile users are using their devices for a selection of activities. Almost four in 10 (39.1 percent) browsed the mobile Web, nearly 38 percent used downloaded apps, 28 percent accessed a social networking site or blog, and 26.2 percent played mobile games.