It was announced in August 2015 that Teresa Giudice would be featured on “Real Housewives of New Jersey” Season 7 following her release from prison. As fans may have guessed, her return to the Bravo series will be an emotional one.

“Real Housewives” creator Andy Cohen told “Entertainment Tonight” he has watched an episode showing Giudice’s release from prison several times and gotten emotional each time. The “Watch What Happens Live!” host said that seeing the mother of four reunite with her children after nearly one year away was like nothing he’d ever seen before. Cohen, 48, assured fans that this season of “RHONJ” would show “a different Teresa,” adding that prison created some major changes in her and her relationships with family and friends.

“I’ve seen it three or four times, and I wept every time,” Cohen said. “It’s the realest, most raw moment that I’ve ever seen. When you see these four girls jump in her arms, it’s like nothing that I’ve seen.”

Cameras have stopped rolling on Season 7 of “RHONJ,” but the drama continues for Giudice, 44. In May, it was reported that the reality star’s bankruptcy case may be reopened. She and her husband, Joe Giudice, pleaded guilty to bankruptcy fraud, along with several other charges, in 2009. Teresa and Joe reportedly agreed to a repayment plan, outlining how much they would pay per month and when the debt would be completely repaid. While the exact sum and details of their agreement are unknown, E! News reports that the debt remains and Judge Stacey L. Meisel wants answers.

“Satisfied means paid in full in my book,” Meisel told lawyer Carlos J. Cuevas. “There may have been a satisfaction of a number of creditors ... but the fact remains that creditors still exist.”

In addition to continued legal drama, Teresa is currently living as a single mother to her girls. Joe reported to federal prison in Fort Dix, New Jersey, on March 23, where he will be held for 41 months. TMZ obtained several photos of Teresa and Joe’s final moments together, which show them hugging and holding hands. One photo captured the couple’s final kiss before the start of Joe’s sentence, which is significantly longer than Teresa’s 15 months. The “RHONJ” star thanked fans for their support on Twitter. She did not, however, reveal whether Joe’s entrance into prison will be shown on the Bravo series.

“RHONJ” premieres Sunday, July 10, on Bravo.