Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are divorcing after two years of marriage. Jolie, 41, filed the papers on Monday, citing irreconcilable differences. The actress is seeking primary physical custody of the six children they share. Pitt released a statement earlier today, commenting that he was “very saddened,” but focused on the “wellbeing of our kids.”

Check out some of the things Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have said about relationships and marriage in the past:

  • “You’re not lovers or boyfriend and girlfriend as much as you are a family.” [Jolie to People in May 2014 on how the kids changed her relationship with Pitt.]
  • “I’m just happy the kids are healthy, I married their dad, our family’s solid, and my health is good. I’m just grateful every day.” [Jolie told People on her 10 years with Pitt in November 2014.]
  • “I knew through the surgeries that he was on my side and that this wasn’t something where I was gonna feel less of a woman because my husband wasn’t gonna let that happen. To face these issues together and speak about them and talk about what it is to be human, I think can be a beautiful thing.” [Jolie on her cancer surgery in a November 2015 interview.]
  • “It was not easy. We just had to be brave and say, ‘OK, honey, we’re strong enough to do this; let’s somehow use this to make us stronger.” [Jolie on playing a couple in a marriage crisis.]
  • “It was probably not the wisest way to spend a honeymoon. But then again, fighting to make something together … what better metaphor for marriage?” [Pitt on filming “By the Sea” with Jolie.]
  • “Everybody knows there is never just the tragedy of life, or the humor of life or pure joy of life. Relationships have those extremes. You can absolutely madly love the same person you want to kill.” [Jolie in a Vogue interview about “By the Sea.”]
  • “There is a more profound feeling when I look back at all the things my wife and I have gone through — successes and failures — and great passions and great fights. That we have that together is — I can’t quite get my arms around it, but it’s much more enticing than the newness of a relationship.” [Brad Pitt on marriage in an interview with the BBC for his movie “By the Sea.”]
  • “I think it’s a reality of marriage that you go through hard times and that you have to embrace those hard times and those challenges, and know that that’s part of your marriage. It’s the pulling through together that actually makes the bond that is the great bond. And if it was all easy, and if it was just two people cohabitating then it’s not very interesting, is it?” [Angelina Jolie on marriage during an interview with BBC about her movie “By the Sea.”]