Angelina Jolie's daughter Shiloh wanted a dead bird as a pet and her son Max is reportedly a better cook than her. These are the glimpses that Angelina Jolie allows us in to her life with kids in an interview with the Vogue magazine which has her on the cover of November issue.

The actress explained to her daughter that she could not keep a dead bird for hygienic reasons but got around the problem by buying her a taxidermy bird. She also admitted in the same interview that she is no good at cooking and Pax always encourages her cooking by saying, good job mom. She added that everyone pitches in at cooking time whenever possible.

When asked about Brad Pitt, Jolie laughingly agreed that he was handsome and sexy. She added that she liked and loved him best in the role of dad to her six kids. The pair is particular about one of them being with the kids when the other is working. The latest revelations about her family and domestic life are certain to win over a lot of new fans for Angelina.