When it comes to mobile gaming Angry Birds broke into the forefront of the genre, with more than 700 million downloads to date. After offshoots of the popular bird-flinging game, such as Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Seasons, fans can now download Angry Birds Space as of March 22nd.

But some may be left wondering, what can be so different about another addition to the Angry Birds franchise? With a plethora of mobile apps cluttering the market, why should users reserve space on their smartphones or iPads for a game they might have played already? Here's a rundown of what separates this space adventure from the previous chirper-catapulting games.

1. Fresh features. According to a review on USAToday.com, players will be seeing new power-ups and some zero-gravity excitement, keeping the game up-to-date while maintaining its original intent.

2. The return of your favorite birds, with a new fluff of feathers. The poster child red bird, along with the tiny blue-and-red bird that splits into three, and the black bird that acts as a bomb will be making a comeback in this galactic game. But players will also meet a purple poultry character with the ability to redirect its flight path to target a specific area, and a light blue bird that can freeze nearby objects.

3. Gravity adds another element to gameplay. The zero-gravity feature requires gamers to think twice before lining up their next shot. Each level contains areas that are circled off, indicating that gravity is present within those borders. If a bird ventures outside of the circle, it floats off into the atmosphere.

4. Enhanced physics. The reviewers at USA Today described the physics as phenomenal, giving players a great sense of control. The way the controls are constructed forces players to carefully plot each pitch, preventing their bird from spiraling off into the unknown.

5. Tons of levels. The new game will feature 60 challenging stages, in addition to a Danger Zone for those with an added sense of adventure. The extra stages are available as an in-app purchase.

The app is now available on Android, iOS, Mac, and PC devices for $.99.