For a long time Baz has been planning Smurf’s demise, and on “Animal Kingdom” Season 2, episode 12, he finally completes phase one of his plan. However, the next step doesn’t go as smooth as he hopes for.

After being pulled over by the police in the previous episode of the TNT series, in “You Will Be Gutted,” Smurf (Ellen Barkin) is taken to jail. As the matriarch is getting her mug shots taken, her boys are busy having the time of their lives throwing a house party at her place.

In the midst of all the madness, J (Finn Cole) tells Nicky (Molly Gordon) that Smurf went out of town and, according to Baz (Scott Speedman), she only told him of her plans. J finds this weird since Smurf and Baz haven’t been in a good place lately.

Lucy (Carolina Guerra) arrives and assures Baz that he did the right thing by getting Smurf arrested. However, she is worried because Pope (Shawn Hatosy) hasn’t shown up to the party and is afraid that Smurf will turn him against Baz.

Pope is actually dealing with a few issues of his own. After Amy rejects him for confessing he is a murderer, Pope is seen loading a gun. Concerned about Pope’s whereabouts Baz shows up to Amy’s (Jennifer Landon) house looking for him but he isn’t there. She tells Baz that Pope didn’t tell her anything but reveals that he sometimes goes to the desert when he’s upset but she isn’t sure where he currently is.

It is revealed that Pope is on the beach and preparing to put a gun to his head but gets word that Lena (Aamya Deva Keroles) has been injured because Baz left her alone. Pope arrives at the party and goes to see Lena who is asleep but badly bruised. He then grabs a gun from under the fire place and tells everyone to get out, ending the party.

Baz arrives as party guests begin to scatter and Pope demands to know where Smurf is, he then reveals she is in jail. Baz sits down with family and tells them that Smurf has been hiding money from them, killed Catherine (Daniella Alonso) and hired an assassin to kill Javi (Alex Meraz).

He then admits that he shot Javi with Smurf’s gun and called in a tip to the cops so Smurf can go down for the murder and they can finally be free of her. Baz suggests they split the money Smurf stole from them, sell her properties and start new lives.

Everyone hesitantly agrees with the exception of Pope who begins bagging up his share of the money. Baz then asks him if he told Amy about the church job since she was acting weird but he says no.

Once Pope leaves the house, he arrives at a bank and it is revealed that he started a college fund for Lena and wants her to be set for life. However, the man who handles the account tells him that he is not even close to the amount of money necessary to set her up for life.

Pope is later seen breaking into a car and arrives at a bank with several guns and a ski mask and robs it, along with several others. After hitting several banks Pope goes back to his bank and attempts to deposit the money in Lena’s account but the banker says he can’t because a large amount will be flagged. Pope threatens his life and tells him that he needs to figure out a way to get the money into Lena’s account.

In jail, Smurf calls J and tells him to get the house surveillance footage to prove Baz set her up but when he goes to look for it there are no files in the system.

Baz heads to Smurf’s lawyer’s office where he denies that Smurf would kill Javi and suggests that they should sell one of her properties. He then finds out that Smurf transferred power of attorney to J and he no longer has access to her businesses.

J arrives at the jail to tell Smurf about the surveillance footage and she reveals that Baz knows he has power of attorney and he needs to stall and not let Baz convince him to sell her properties until she gets out, which will be soon.

She also instructs him to go see her lawyer who will give him an envelope to pay someone on the inside to keep her safe. J heads to the lawyer’s office and is given full power of Smurf’s affairs and it is clear that he may not be ready to take on the responsibility.

On the beach, Craig (Ben Robson) wants Deran (Jake Weary) to move to Fiji with him but he can’t because of his bar. In the middle of the conversation, Deran realizes that they need to go see their mother so she doesn’t think they helped Baz.

The two arrive at the jail where Smurf admits to hiding money from the family and tells them that Baz is lying about the $1.4 million she stole from them, insisting there is much more where that came from.

Smurf tells Craig and Deran that they need to protect J because he has power of attorney and there is no telling what Baz will do to him. Pope also makes a visit to the jail with Lena where he tells her to say goodbye to Smurf who she won’t be seeing because she did “bad things.”

Back at the Cody home, Deran and Craig demand their money from Baz who tells them to give him time to launder it. However, they say he won’t be able to because J has power of attorney and Smurf cleans the money through her businesses.

Upset that his plan to lead the family is falling apart, he tells them to take their money and go. Baz later approaches J by the pool and tells him that they are going to go see Smurf’s lawyer to get the financial situation squared away. Although J doesn’t answer, it’s clear he doesn’t plan on following through with Baz’s suggestion.

“Animal Kingdom” Season 2 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on TNT.

Animal Kingdom On “Animal Kingdom” Season 2, episode 12, Smurf (Ellen Barkin) puts all her trust into J (Finn Cole). Photo: TNT