Anne Hathaway was candid during a recent appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ show where she revealed her reaction over a Hollywood body shaming moment that she experienced after giving birth. The actress has also admitted to being nervous chatting with the talk show host following her interview.

The Hollywood actress was one of DeGeneres’ guests at the TV personality’s “The Ellen DeGeneres show” that aired on Tuesday. Apart from sharing interesting information on her newest movie “Alice Through the Looking Glass,” Hathaway also spoke about her life as a new mom, E!News reported. The multi-awarded star gave birth in late March to her and husband Adam Shulman’s first baby together, Jonathan Rosebanks Shulman.

Hathaway admitted to DeGeneres that her new life role as a mother has changed her in many ways. She also stated that there are moments when she would feel “a lot more confident” because of her new mother role. However, her self-confidence took a blow when she experienced a body shaming moment during one of her visits to the gym.

Hathaway shared that since she has “pushed a baby out of [her] body,” she felt really good about her body and herself. When she was approached by a trainer to ask if she needed pointers working out, Hathaway proudly disclosed that she recently had a baby. The new mom has been expecting the trainer to respond in a polite manner with a nice compliment.

Hathaway explained that the said approach is considered the proper “etiquette” for all moms. "If somebody says I had a baby 13 years ago, you say you look great. That is what you do, that is the etiquette," the actress said.

However, the trainer appears to have no idea on the proper etiquette to follow. “He goes, 'Oh, trying to lose the baby weight!'" Hathaway recalled of the trainer’s response to her new mom revelation. The actress then told DeGeneres that she managed to remain cool but revealed that she cried “a little bit” after the body shaming moment.

Meanwhile, the actress may have appeared calm and collected during her appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres show.” However, Hathaway revealed that she was really nervous meeting DeGeneres, Entertainment Tonight reported. The “Alice Through the Looking Glass” star shared a “proof” of her anxiousness in an Instagram photo shortly after her chat with the TV personality.

In the picture, Hathaway was photographed pointing to her upper chest that was covered with red spots. She captioned the image, “Proof that my ‘#ellendegeneres Nerves’ are real...”


Proof that my "#ellendegeneres Nerves" are real... Watch me on @theellenshow today @disneyalice xx

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