The Annoying Orange TV show is coming to the Cartoon Network.

The deal, announced by the Cartoon Network on Thursday, will give produce 30 animated episodes, each lasting 11 minutes.

Orange, an animated fruit with human eyes and mouth, and his adventures with his fruit friends will be part of the Cartoon Network's original programming block next year.

The Annoying Orange TV show will be overseen by co-creator Dane Boedigheimer (who provides the voice to Orange and several major characters) and Tom Sheppard (of Pink of the Brain fame), Deadline reports.

The show will be managed and produced by The Collective, who has so far financed six episodes.

With more than 240,000 followers on Twitter, nearly 1 million likes on Facebook and more than 890 million total views on its YouTube channel, The Annoying Orange's move from Web to TV land is not a huge surprise.

Since its first upload on YouTube in 2009, The Annoying Orange has attracted a strong following, including celebrity guest appearances from James Caan, members of Weezer and most recently, John Leguizamo.

Leguizamo, who is currently on his one-man Ghetto Klown tour, appeared on last week's episode of The Annoying Orange as an equally annoying Jumping Bean (watch below).

Like many of The Annoying Orange episodes, Orange tantalizes Jumping Bean with the familiar Hey! followed by bad puns and naturally, annoying jokes and questions.

To date, the Annoying Orange/Saw episode on its YouTube channel remains the most viewed, with more than 43 million hits. The second-most-viewed episode is Annoying Orange/Wazzup, featuring Orange and friends, including Banana, Kiwi, Lemon and Apple belting out annoying shouts of waazzzuppp? The Wazzup episode has been viewed by more than 40 million people.

The Annoying Orange and Cartoon Network were just meant to be squeezed together, Cartoon Network chief content officer Rob Sorcher said in a statement regarding the TV deal.

As The Annoying Orange prepares for the move to TV, Boedigheimer and company will continue to produce weekly episodes (usually released every Friday), with episodes much shorter than its TV form.

You could argue there's a risk, but we think there are factions of audience that consume their entertainment through the cable broadcast, some do it online and there's a lot of overlap, The Collective's Michael Green told Variety.

On Thursday, Orange commented on the Cartoon Network deal on his very own Twitter account. (Note: each major character has its own Twitter account, including Passion, Pear and Marshmallow).

YAY! It's officially official! I'm going to have my very own television show on @Cartoon Network! Stay tuned for more info! HAHA!! wrote Orange, who lists his location as The kitchen.

Beginning on Monday, The Annoying Orange crew will release a new video every day (as opposed to every week), for one week.

Not familiar with The Annoying Orange? Scroll down for some recent episodes.

What do you think of The Annoying Orange getting a TV show? Will you tune in when it airs on the Cartoon Network in 2012?