Anonymous has called off its feud with Mexican drug cartel Los Zetas following the return of one of its members, who was kidnapped by the Zetas during an Operation Paperstorm protest in Veracruz. The hacktivist group had vowed to launch a retaliatory attack of exposure of taxi drivers, journalists, and members of law enforcement working with the cartel today, November 5, unless the member was released. The member was freed over the weekend, but carried with him a warning from Los Zetas to Anonymous: for every Zeta name released, ten people will be killed.

Anonymous has announced via its website that it will not be pursuing its threats against Los Zetas for now:

On this day, our anonymous friend retained by the Zetas cartel has been released. We can say that while bruised, he is alive and well. He has sent us a message that if Anonymous reveals a name related to the cartel, the family of the kidnapped anonymous will suffer, and for each cartel member revealed, ten people will be put to death. The Anonymous collective has decided by consensus not to disclose the information that we have for now, as we understand that we can not ignore threats involving innocent civilians that have nothing to do with our actions.

Via Ars Technica.