With the “Ant-Man” movie arriving July 17 in the U.S., it seems fitting to see the title character fight alongside characters from "The Avengers” and “Guardians of the Galaxy” in the next “Marvel Future Fight” update. The shrinking hero won’t be alone though, as he’ll be joined by his mentor Hank Pym as Giant Man, Janet Van Dyne as the Wasp and his movie nemesis Yellowjacket.

The update is available now and can be downloaded in the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Fans also can see these shrinking heroes and villain have now replaced the previous Marvel characters on the game’s official logo, as a way to get fans excited for the film. There is also an image showing Ant-Man fighting alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy, which could possibly happen in a future Marvel movie.

In an interesting twist, Scott Lang’s Ant-Man is in his movie costume, as is his foe Yellowjacket, but both Giant Man and the Wasp are in their most recent comic book costumes. This is likely because neither Giant Man nor the Wasp have appeared in a Marvel movie yet, though Michael Douglas will be starring as Hank Pym in “Ant-Man,” but will likely not don the Giant Man costume. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has promised that the Wasp will eventually debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

According to the “Future Fight” Facebook page, another character will join the roster -- the Red Hulk. His addition might confuse some, because the character doesn’t have a relationship with Ant-Man, but there have been rumors of the Red Hulk appearing in the upcoming “Captain America: Civil War.”

“Marvel Future Fight” has been updated with the events of recent Marvel movies. Previous updates have included “Avengers: Age of Ultron” costumes and the entire "Guardians of the Galaxy" roster. Future characters like Black Panther and Captain Marvel are also part of the game, as they will be getting their own Marvel movies soon.

Fans of Marvel comics or the Marvel movies can pick up “Marvel Future Fight” for Apple iOS and Google Android devices. The game is free-to-play and features in-app purchases, though it is possible to unlock characters by simply playing the game.

[MARVEL Future Fight] Ant-Man Update (Credit: YouTube/넷마블 TV)