After numerous “Star Wars”-related announcements for “Disney Infinity 3.0,” it seems that Marvel is about to get its time in the spotlight. A recent announcement of something “big” coming to the game most likely refers to the Marvel superhero Ant-Man. The news comes after a solid opening weekend for the "Ant-Man" movie, which garned $58 million at the box office, taking the top spot from the “Minions” animated flick.

The news appeared on the official “Disney Infinity” Twitter page, which showed various characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe staring at something in the Hulk’s palm. The tagline states that “Something big is coming to Disney Infinity,” and since it's doubtful that Disney purchased the Atom from DC Comics, it's quite clear that the shadowy image is Ant-Man.

While it hasn’t been made official yet, IGN argues that it makes sense given that the character has just made his movie debut, and this would be a smart way to cash in on the character’s popularity. It also helps that Ant-Man has also appeared in the “Avengers Assemble” show on Disney XD and was a prominent member in “Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.”

Ant-Man’s inclusion in the game is the first Marvel-related announcement for “Disney Infinity 3.0,” as previous news releases focused on characters and events from “Star Wars.” Since fans are highly anticipating the upcoming “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” it was reportedly understandable for Disney to focus on that film first.

So far, no images have been released of a possible Ant-Man figurine for “Disney Infinity,” though it will be interesting to see if it comes in different sizes. Ant-Man’s possible involvement could also lead to “Disney Infinity” figurines for other characters, such as Giant-Man, the Wasp and Yellowjacket, though once again no official announcement has been made.

“Disney Infinity 3.0” is slated for release Aug. 23, with numerous packs coming this holiday season to add more content. “Disney Infinity 3.0” will be available for Sony's PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, Microsoft's Xbox One and Xbox 360, Nintendo's Wii U and the PC, along with Apple iOS and Google Android devices. 

Announcement Trailer – Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition (Credit: YouTube/Disney Infinity)