Empire magazine has revealed new photos from the forthcoming “Ant-Man” movie starring Pul Rudd. The magazine features Rudd on the cover of a limited edition. He can be seen shrinking in his Ant-Man suit. In the movie, the suit lets its owner shrink in size but increase in strength. Rudd will play a petty criminal named Scott Lang who will acquire the super suit and will plot a major heist in order to save the humanity from a major threat.

Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) will be his mentor in the film. Pym is super scientist who creates the Ant-Man technology. In one of the photos revealed by the magazine, Pym and Ant-Man are seen in a lab with Pym's estranged daughter, Hope Van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly). They appear to be discussing their plan to perform a heist.

Another intriguing photo shows Ant-Man opposite a real-life ant.

Meanwhile, in another photo, Darren Cross (Corey Stoll) can be seen as Yellow Jacket, another protégé of Pym and rival of Ant-Man. “Darren Cross has a suit that is sort of the next generation of Ant-Man’s suit. It can do everything that Ant-Man can do, but more. It’s more ... more militaristic, sleeker … sort of like if Apple had designed a battle suit,” Stoll said about Yellow Jacket during 2014 Comic-Con.

Stoll had nothing but praise for Rudd’s performance in a previous interview with Clevver Movies. Said Stoll, “I think the Ant-Man could beat the Hulk. He could shrink down and go up his nose, and you know, crush his brain. How is the Hulk going to beat the Ant-Man? He'd be chasing him around.”

“Ant-Man” is scheduled to be released July 17. Peyton Reed has directed the film.