Evangeline Lily chatted with her Twitter and Facebook fans about her latest flick, “Ant-Man,” and shared some high hopes for the future of her character, Hope Van Dyne. The actress also said Marvel is listening to the critics who say it needs more women.

From Black Widow’s absence on merchandise to the lack of female-fronted movies, Marvel Studios has faced plenty of criticism for not having enough females involved. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige tried to defend the company's use of female characters while promoting “Ant-Man.”

“There have been strong, powerful, intelligent women in the comics for decades,” Feige told the Straits Times in July. “And if you go back to look at our movies -- whether it's Natalie Portman in the ‘Thor’ films, Gwyneth Paltrow in ‘Iron Man’ or Scarlett Johansson in ‘The Avengers’ -- our films have been full of smart, intelligent, powerful women. They haven't been the title characters up till this point and that has changed now that we've announced 'Captain Marvel,' in which the title character will be Carol Danvers.”

“Captain Marvel” will be the studio's first female-fronted superhero movie in 2018 after more than a dozen male-fronted Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies have been released. Many fans are hoping “Captain Marvel” is just the first of many superhero movies centered on women. Could future MCU films include a movie starring Lilly?

The former “Lost” star said Monday she hopes Marvel’s incorporation of females involves Wasp. The end of “Ant-Man” certainly hinted at that possibility when Hope discovered the Wasp suit.

In a Facebook Q&A, Lilly was asked if she’d appear in any future films and told fans to go to her bosses. “I ‘hope’ so. Keep bugging Marvel about it!” she wrote.

However, it isn’t clear if “Ant-Man” will receive a sequel, let alone a spinoff. “Ant-Man” wasn’t exactly a megahit at the box office. With only $58 million earned opening weekend, it’s Marvel’s second lowest box office opening ever. However, the film might earn more fans after Ant-Man’s (Paul Rudd) appearance in “Captain America: Civil War,” so the Wasp’s future isn’t clear yet.

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