Anthony Garrett, a criminal who allegedly killed his mother, stepfather, and girlfriend, plunged to his death off a 300 feet cell phone tower at Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. He died later in the hospital from his injuries.

Garrett, 46 shot his stepfather, Wilton Bernard Jr., 69, his mother, Jeanie Bernard, 66, and his girlfriend, Kathleen Deese, 51 Saturday. They all lived together. The three were found dead at 7:42 p.m. Saturday.

Officers tried to talk Garrett down from the tower. Investigators are still unsure whether he fell or jumped.

Witnesses at the scene said Garrett sounded drunk.

'He said he killed his mum and dad...with a hammer. He sounded drunk. And then he was saying he did 23 years in jail and all that, said Damian Washington, who witnessed the scene, to WLOX.

When [police] told him to come down, he was trying to get down. I really think he slipped. And I saw one of his arms swinging and after that he went down and he hit one of the poles on top of the tower and he was just somersaulting down. And after that we heard a loud boom. He hit the ground. We saw him fall. It was sad, said Shontel Johnson.  

Garrett shouted that he had killed his family with a hammer.

Authorities said it was the past 24 hours were the bloodiest in recent memory for the area, according to CBS News. Two other people were killed Saturday in unrelated crimes.

It was like a double full moon, Waveland Police Chief Kenny Hurt said, according to CBS.

All of us officials and investigators have been talking about how we don't recall ever having this many at a time, he said. We had a double homicide several years ago, but never anything like this.

Garrett, a two time felon, was convicted in 1985 and 1988 for sexual battery. He was a registered sex offender.