Congressman Anthony Weiner, who has been in the spotlight recently for sending lewd photos through Twitter, has been in the spotlight before.

The New York congressman made his pictorial debut in 1996 in a Cosmopolitan magazine. The headline of the article was The Future President?

 I want to be sucked back into the throes of love - isn't that what everybody really wants? Weiner told the magazine of his ideal woman. He also said he was looking for someone smarter than me.

Weiner is now married to Hillary Clinton's aide, Huma Abedin.

Yesterday, Weiner admitted he was responsible for tweeting photos of himself in boxer briefs, to younger woman. He initially claimed that his account was hacked and that he did not sent out the photos.

He apologized for his actions, taking full responsibility while also saying that he has no plans on resigning.

I haven't told the truth, he said. I have done things I deeply regret. I apologized to my wife and our families. I'm deeply ashamed.

He also said that he and his wife have no intentions of splitting up and that he loves his wife very much.

We've been through a great deal together and will weather this, he said.

In the 1996 interview Weiner was asked what his favorite pastime was.

I hate day offs, he said. but I guess I'd try on clothes I couldn't afford.