It’s not an early April Fool’s joke -- Business Insider has hired disgraced former NYC Congressman and mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner to write a weekly political column, starting Friday.

Hunter Walker, Business Insider’s politics editor, published the announcement on Monday, after teasing the news on Twitter by announcing that “something wonderful is about to happen.”  The folks at Business Insider are clearly aware of the built-in entertainment value of hiring the scandalized politician, who is best known for sending an explicit photo of himself to an online mistress on Twitter -- and initially denying the photo was his. (The trouble didn’t end there.)

The column -- titled “Weiner!” -- will reportedly “feature Weiner’s thoughts on the top political issues of the day.”

We believe the unique combination of brashness and wonkiness that made Weiner one of last year's most memorable candidates and one of the most high-profile advocates for health care reform during his time in Congress will make him a perfect fit for Business Insider. 

Weiner confirmed his new position with a statement published in Business Insider’s announcement, and with a curious tweet:




Indeed it has, Weiner. No word yet on the financial details ... As someone in our newsroom suggested, perhaps he will be paid by the hour?