(REUTERS) -- The two men who murdered a Welsh couple on a honeymoon in the Caribbean island of Antigua have been sentenced to three consecutive life sentences in prison.

Catherine Mullany, a doctor, and her husband Ben, a student physiotherapist, were shot to death in July 2008 (the last day of their honeymoon) by Avie Howell and Kaniel Martin during a robbery at the Cocos Hotel.

Catherine died instantly, while Ben survived another week before expiring back in Wales.

Martin, 23, and Howell, 20, were also convicted of killing a local storekeeper, 43-year-old Jamaican Woneta Anderson.

Reportedly, the killers forced the Mullany couple to kneel by their beds prior to executing them.

“These two individuals can never again inflict the same anguish and devastation to any other family as they have to ours,” read a statement from Ben and Catherine Mullany's families

Det. Supt. Keith Niven, who led the Metropolitan Police's investigation team, told reporters: The level of violence inflicted upon their victims in order to steal such low-value property was incomprehensible and leads me to believe that murder was their primary intention. Ben and Catherine must have been terrified when they were awoken and confronted in their room by two strangers pointing a gun at them.

He added: Throughout this investigation and throughout the trial the two defendants have shown no signs of remorse - not even to Ben and Catherine's parents who have been present in court.

The Mullanys hailed from Pontardawe, Swansea Valley. They were buried at St John Evangelist Church, Cilybebyll, near Pontardawe -- the same church where they wed just two weeks prior to their deaths.

Two months after the tragic killings, 900 people (including the Duchess of York) attended a memorial service for the Mullanys at Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff.

Tourism to Antigua, BBC reported, has been hurt by publicity over the murders.