10GB of data concerning law enforcement officials has been leaked by the hacktivists known as AntiSec, largely a combination of the anarchic global Anonymous group and the smaller and more recently publicized LulzSec.

"We are releasing a massive amount of confidential information that is sure to embarass [sic], discredit and incriminate police officers across the US," explained the group. "Over 10GB of information was leaked including hundreds of private email spools, password information, address and social security numbers, credit card numbers, snitch information, training files, and more."

The information was initially retrieved from a breach of the servers at Brooks-Jeffrey Marketing, which hosts sheriff's association sites. Antisec claims that despite awareness of the intrusion and subsequent safeguards, they were able to return and deface the sheriffs' sites again.

The release was heralded as usual by a Pastebin manifesto which began with a number of quotes from law enforcement officials denying or expressing skepticism that the hackers had anything of worth or that anything would actually be released. "We lol'd as we watched the news reports come in," read the statement, "quoting various Sheriffs who denied that they were ever hacked, that any personal information was stolen, that they did not store snitch info on their servers."

"Many lulz have been had as we taunted the sheriffs by responding to their denials by tweeting teasers exposing their SSNs, passwords, addresses, and private emails," Antisec wrote, going on to state that they found "a few credit card numbers, which were used to make involuntary donations to the ACLU, the EFF, the Bradley Manning Support Network, and more. Despite active FBI investigations and their additional security measures, they could not stop us from owning their servers, stealing their identities, and dropping all their data."

The group makes no bones about their motivations. "We are doing this in solidarity with Topiary and the Anonymous PayPal LOIC defendants as well as all other political prisoners who are facing the gun of the crooked court system...you may bust a few of us, but we greatly outnumber you, and you can never stop us from continuing to destroy your systems and leak your data."

"Hackers, join us to make 2011 the year of leaks and revolutions."

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