ANTs Software Inc. develops and sells middleware solutions that accelerate database consolidation between vendors, enabling application portability. The company offers a complete suite of services ranging from managing IT infrastructure to full application performance tuning and administrative services.

ANTs Software has announced that negotiations have been completed regarding the supply of database migration technology to a global IT vendor. An OEM agreement has been completed and signed by both parties. Confidentiality provisions of the agreement preclude the naming of the global IT vendor at this time.

According to the agreement, ANTs Software is responsible for technology development specifically tailored to the global IT vendor needs. The global IT vendor will assume responsibility for marketing, sales and support of the technology on a worldwide basis, while ANTs Software will be the preferred service provider for migration projects.

Chairman and CEO of ANTs Software, Joseph Kozak, said, “The partnership with this global IT vendor represents a great opportunity for both companies to capture more of the $20 billion database market. The vendor’s worldwide reach and support, coupled with the unmatched technology and cost-saving advantages of ANTs’ innovations, will create a powerful offering that each are uniquely positioned to capitalize on.”

Mr. Kozak continued, “We have already begun our product and are partnering with this organization’s sales and marketing team in order to take advantage of existing demand with significant prospects.” ANTs Software does anticipate substantial business and future revenue to be generated from this partnership with the global IT vendor.