ANTs Software Inc., – known throughout the industry for lowering IT operating costs via software/hardware consolidation and for middleware solutions like ANTs Compatibility Server (ACS) which enables database consolidation between different vendors, announced yesterday the selection of IT services provider Ness Technologies as the Company’s partner during DB2 SQL Skin for Sybase projects implementation.

With a proven track record in software engineering, systems integration, consulting and distribution, in addition to a global reach via its team of 7,800 employees around the world, with ongoing operations in North America, Europe, India and Israel – Ness Technologies will enable ANTS to complete all of the projects called for under its global OEM agreement with IBM.

Chairman and CEO of ANTS, Joseph Kozak, noted that the Company currently has a broad array of new projects that will drive top- and bottom-line growth, showing significant impact in 3-4Q this year, which Kozak indicated would give ANTS the kind of visibility that would allow the Company to provide “detailed financial guidance to the market”.

Kozak also talked about the OEM agreement with IBM which should pump-up 3Q and beyond revenue at ANTS this year, noting that the agreement calls for license and maintenance fees derived from sales of the DB2 SQL Skin for Sybase which debuted widely to IBM customers last month in May.

Kozak also pointed to the preferred partner status with IBM as indication of a large number of implementation projects down the road, making the collaboration with Ness technologies a no-brainer as Ness possesses the logistical capacity to help the Company leverage its vast expertise in database migration on a even more global scale.