One company that is starting to make a climb within the Technology Sector is ANT’s Software. Located in San Diego, California, ANT’s has earned a reputation as a company that has helped their customers drive down IT operating costs by consolidating hardware and software infrastructure and eliminating cost inefficiencies. Today, ANT’s took a major step towards enhancing their future with the announcement that Fletcher International Ltd. has agreed to purchase up to $10 million of ANT’s common stock at various prices.

Fletcher International Ltd. is an affiliate of Fletcher Asset Management which is an SEC-Registered Investment Advisor. Fletcher is unique in that they invest funds in companies throughout the globe and have strengthened corporations and their own financial success with direct investments in companies from an array of sectors.

Fletcher will make an initial investment of $1.5 million at $1.00 per share which is expected to close shortly with future investments to be subject to achievement of predetermined business milestones.

George Ladner of Fletcher International stated, “We anticipate that our investment will help accelerate ANT’s development of the new migration technology and we hope to find additional ways to support their growth.”

Leading the way at ANT’s is Joseph Kozak who serves as Chairman and CEO of the young company. Kozak has earned a reputation in the Technology Sector as a savvy leader who has helped ANT’s start to make a name for themselves in the marketplace.

When asked what the Fletcher investment will mean to the future of ANT’s, Kozak was quoted as saying, “We are very excited by Fletcher’s investment in ANTs and their involvement as a partner in our future growth. We have a number of very significant corporate milestones on the horizon and this investment agreement allows us to move towards meeting our goals.”

Currently, ANT’s is trading in the $0.92 range. With the added capital and credibility provided by the Fletcher investment, ANT’s may soon evolve into a major player in the industry.

To learn more about the aspects of this investment or to see what the future holds for ANT’s, visit their website at and you’ll see what investors are starting to notice in this up-and-coming company.

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